Candidate Testimonies


‘I found my experience and recruitment with the Uni4Talent very good. The staff were very accommodating and would answer queries or questions I had. Jemma was a a great help and communicated very well with me when it came to applying for the job and finalising any details.

I found my mediaHUB graduate intern position such a rewarding job and I think it’s a great job that the University of Sunderland offers to students.

When I first started out I was very unsure where I wanted to go in the industry and since having this position it has helped me work out what I want to do. It has helped me develop my skills further that I learnt while studying at university.

The staff and students have been a great part of my experience
due to how supportive they all are. It’s a position I would recommend anyone to try when they are graduating from a media degree.

This role was also very rewarding because of the encouragement that I received from my colleagues and how it helped push me to land my job that I have just been offered. I couldn’t have had a better start to career without doing this position’

June 2022

Caitlyn McAdam

acer condition monitoring ltd

Graduate intern Debdatta has secured a 24 month Electrical Engineering internship –

“First of all I would like to thank you for taking this very kind initiative for students who like to gain some experience while their studies.
I’m really enjoying the job for which I have been appointed. I’m learning a lot from the work and helping me to gain expertise. And the most helpful thing is I can do the job parallel with my studies.

I would like to thank Jemma for being such kind and helpful always in every stages. She is excellent person and very friendly.

The whole recruitment process was smooth, clean to understand and strategic, which I liked the most”

Debdatta Rudra – May 2022

Debdatta Rudra
acer condition monitoring ltd

The Centre For Life

With the support of U4T Georgia gained permanent employment as People Services HR Assistant at The Centre For Life.

“Jemma has been really helpful throughout the process – very fast in terms of initial application to interview, timely feedback after interviews and always had contact details if I ever had any questions. Thanks!”

Georgia Eltringham – June 2022

Georgia Eltringham
The Centre For Life

University of Sunderland

Kayleigh has secured a permanent full time Graphic Designer role within the University of Sunderland after successfully completing a Graduate Internship.

“My internship with Uni4Talent was a great experience, one that has equipped me with the skills and confidence I needed to be able to continue my design career. It was the ideal stepping stone for me after graduating, and now I have secured a full time position because of it”

Kayleigh Hogan, April 2022

Kayleigh Hogan

South Tyneside Council

I had been applying for jobs for months and felt stuck in the position I initially found myself in. Two Degrees and certifications, and no one was interested in me. I decided on a whim to apply for a few jobs through Uni4Talent and was elated when not only did a member of the team reach out to me, they informed me that they had secured an interview for me.

Their pre-interview support and reassurance lead to me being successful at interview and from there I had the chance to grab the bull by both horns and work hard to prove myself. Since starting my Graduate Internship, I have applied for a permanent role at my organistion and have secured the position.

Uni4Talent helped open the illusive door to the working world that I had constantly struggled to open and without them, I dread to think how much longer I would have spent trying to break into this industry.

I cannot sing high enough praises for this team and anyone who needs that helping hand to break into the working world, the biggest mistake you could make is to ignore the team at this fine place!

Edmund Hewitt
South Tyneside Council

University of Sunderland – CELT

Hannah Sly, 22, from Sunderland is a Content Developer Intern at CELT, and starts her permanent post next month. Hannah, who graduated from BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication in 2020, was initially looking for a role in marketing, but Uni4Talent matched her to a role that she had not considered before.

“I really enjoyed my internship, particularly meeting new people – despite being online,” says Hannah. “I’ve loved working alongside academics at the university, and working with different departments, meaning the content I create is varied.

“Throughout this internship, I have had the opportunity to boost and enhance my skills, particularly in design and communication. For example, learning how to use new video editing and e-learning game development software. I have also developed my understanding of Instructional Design and pedagogy. As a result, I now plan to embark on a career in e-learning and instructional design – something I never considered prior to my internship.”

Hannah believes that her personal experience of being a student at Sunderland, experiencing her final year during Lockdown, had a real impact on how she approached her intern role, and helped her improve the learning materials she worked on in CELT.

“Experiencing the unexpected transition to online learning between March 2020 – May 2020 has helped me understand what it is like to learn virtually, and what does and doesn’t work well. I have been able to use this experience to create and design learning materials that I believe students will find engaging and useful. I can also provide academics with design, layout and resource advice when creating their module spaces based on this personal experience.

“I think interns can provide a different perspective, regardless of the job area, and I’d like to think I’ve helped create the best possible experience of online and hybrid learning for students.”

Hannah Sly
University of Sunderland - CELT

Together for Children – Sunderland

Working as an Intern through Uni4Talent has been an amazing experience. My placement awarded me a good start to my career. It has been a pleasure and I haven’t had any issues with Uni4Talent. My role was within a different organisation and I didn’t have much need to contact  Uni4Talent but they were always great with responding if I needed anything.

I have also been offered a position within the Organisation Uni4Talent placed me with. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity and would highly recommend for students to apply for jobs through Uni4Talent.

Cikokazi Ndaliso
Together for Children

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

I’m incredibly thankful for the support provided by Uni4Talent. I’d like to credit Alex Mouat, who was brilliant in my search for a job, not only in sourcing the jobs, but with interview help too. It felt like she really cared about finding me a job and it was greatly appreciated.

I struggled to gain a first job post University, and I’m incredibly thankful for Uni4Talent for helping me secure my role which has now propelled me onto a permanent contract with Sunderland City Council in their communications department.

Alex Miller
Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

South Tyneside Council

I can’t recommend Uni4Talent enough as for a long while I was struggling to land my first industry job. Uni4Talent became something of a “golden goose” for me as every time I went for a role through their team I usually got an interview and this allowed me to go into the next interview already with a recommendation from the last opportunity.

After a few months of trying and failing to land my dream role I was beginning to think it was not going to happen until I got an opportunity through the service for South Tyneside Council. This time I had a meeting with Alex in the team who took me through some interview techniques that really helped my confidence and the interview itself. While I didn’t get the role, I was a very close candidate and the feedback I received was the best comments I had received. A week later, South Tyneside Council came back with another job role and it was because of my previous interview that I won this role thus ending my search for my first job in the industry.

Uni4Talent continued to support me through the process and now I have been promoted to a full time role within the Council.

Jack Asbery
South Tyneside Council

Sunderland City Council

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sunderland City Council. I was originally given a one year contract through Uni4Talent but this was extended to a second year following the request from my managers at the council. In my role I have learned an incredible amount and been involved in a wide range of activity, being offered so many opportunities and given responsibility when appropriate.

Throughout my time at the council I did not once feel like an intern, I was treated as a member of staff and truly felt part of the Policy team. My contributions have always been made to feel valuable and my insight has been respected.

I am very glad I applied for this internship as I feel like this opportunity has set me up for my future career, giving me a taste of various aspects of policy and associated areas. Due to the experience I have had the council and my involvement in the area of health and mental wellbeing I have recently acquired a new role as a Public Health Analyst. I would recommend taking on an internship through Uni4Talent as it has given me both essential experience and confidence in my own abilities.

Kathryn Sedgewick
Sunderland City Council

University of Sunderland – Scholarships

I am forever grateful to the Uni4Talent team for providing me and other graduates like me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in the workplace through their graduate internships.
They are quick and responsive in getting back to me with any enquiries and the staff within their team have been consistently friendly, accommodating and willing to help me out with anything I need. Their customer service is beyond reproach, and I am very thankful for the experience and skills I have gained through working with them.

Isaac Johnson
University of Sunderland

Newcastle City Council

The process from start to end was smooth and easy. Uni4Talent supported me throughout the interview stage and showed a genuine interest in helping me. Uni4Talent was always available to help with any queries.

The internship itself was within Newcastle City Council, the role allowed me to put into practice what I had learnt throughout university and was an amazing first insight into the industry I want to work within. This graduate internship has given me great experience and has really kick started my career with me landing a new role thanks to everything I learnt at the council.

I would really encourage others to consider a graduate internship as their first professional career move as it really solidified my career and taught me skills I wouldn’t have learnt at any other level. It shows ambition and willingness to learn.

Molly Taylor
Newcastle City Council

Access to HE & Scholarships Team

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working within the Scholarships Team at the University and would like to say a huge thank you for all the opportunities I have been given. My Graduate Internship has been a great learning experience that I will be forever grateful for!”

Isaac Johnson
Access to HE & Scholarships Team

University of Sunderland – Uni4Talent / Hope Street Xchange

The U4T team have been amazing! They have been super helpful and supportive in my graduate job search. They were great at every stage of the search – suggesting suitable roles, assisting with applying for roles, preparing you for interviews and providing feedback. The prep sessions they offer are really great and really help when going in for an interview.
I had the opportunity to work within the U4t team which then led onto to me working for the Hope Street Xchange team. Working with U4T really helped to boost my confidence and communication skilled. It was also very valuable to learn about the recruitment process and the type of thing employers ask for/ look for in a candidate. I feel like it learned something valuable from each of the team members as well as many transferable skills and knowledge.
After working for U4T I was kindly put forward to work for HSX. I really enjoyed my time at HSX. Again I believe being in this role helped me to build on my communication skills as well as marketing and contenting writing skills.

Sema Malik
University of Sunderland

Sunderland City Council

“My internship led me to gain valuable experience and knowledge within the Local Authority to assist me with my future legal career. I have been fortunate enough to bag myself a full-time role within the Council, having successfully passed the interview process and I can’t thank the Uni4Talent team enough for opening this door for me.

I would 100% recommend this service and it has been a pleasure having an internship through Uni4Talent.”

Jemma Nelson
Sunderland City Council

Hays Travel

“The search for my career start-up following my time at university was proving difficult. That’s where Uni4Talent stepped in and really helped me on my way. Their ongoing support and constructive feedback has been invaluable and I’m extremely excited to be starting a new career adventure working with Hays Travel.

I really can’t recommend the team enough for all of their help!”


Jennifer Waddell
Hays Travel

City Hospitals Sunderland

“Thanks to the Uni4Talent Team for arranging my internship contract – I have gained so much practical experience whilst working on site at City Hospitals Sunderland. I am looking forward to progressing my career to the next level.”

Karolina Koston
City Hospitals Sunderland

G4C North East

“I worked with the Uni4Talent team in 2018 to gain experience in the film and media industry. The team’s support and guidance from the start was invaluable, allowing me to gain paid work with a local employer. Because of this, I have just secured a Graduate Level Job with a company in Newcastle. Thanks to Duncan and the team for everything.

Gary Aggett
G4C North East

Uplift Associates

“The Uni4Talent team really understood what I was looking for and identified an opportunity for me in the sector I wanted to be in. I am passionate about my new role with Uplift Associates and I enjoy coming to work every day and being challenged. I wouldn’t hesitate in working with Uni4Talent again in the future.”

Laura Pritchard
Uplift Associates

From KP to PHP thanks to Uni4Talent

“Working alongside experienced staff at KP Snacks was invaluable in helping me to embed my academic knowledge into the work place. I was supported every step off the way whilst working via a flexible Uni4Talent contract, which allowed me to gain degree relevant experience, whilst completing the final year of my degree in Computer Science.”

Cameron Hunter
KP Snacks