Why Uni4Talent?

Uni4Talent connects you with quality employers across the North East and beyond who are recruiting for a wide range of roles.

The Uni4Talent team is on hand to discuss your requirements in detail, whilst making recommendations on roles with our clients which would be most suited to your skillset, knowledge and previous work experience.

Although the Uni4Talent name is fairly new in the marketplace, our team has years of experience in working with candidates, helping them to secure employment or gaining relevant, paid experience during their studies.

Our clients recruit for specific paid projects, internships, casual work, full and part time jobs.

At Uni4Talent, we understand how challenging it can be for Student/Graduates to gain relevant experience in your chosen area of expertise. Many of our roles allow for flexible working around your studies, allowing you to gain practical experience that is essential to your long term career development.

Our experienced recruitment team work across all sectors and industries, placing your needs at the heart of the recruitment process. Whether you are looking for a paid Student role, or a new Graduate challenge, the Uni4Talent team can provide practical support and advice throughout the process.

To find out more, please submit your CV online.